“Commissioning new work supports an act of creation, of bringing into being … moments that otherwise would never have existed. Commissions challenge all those involved in the process: they are tough purposeful ventures that require time, space, patience, grit, trust, respect and acceptance. Commissions are financially demanding as well as being fulfilling and exhilarating. They should be unpredictable, risky and on the edge. If failure is not a possibility, the challenge hasn’t been taken seriously enough.’

Rupert Myer AO, Commissioning Circle member


One of RISING’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on new commissions by leading Australian and international artists, as well as large-scale, participatory public art events.

RISING’s Commissioning Circle is a group of dedicated philanthropists helping us invest in local artists now. It guides leading national and international artists to create and develop ambitious works that bring people together.

Members receive access to the festival’s Artistic Directors and curatorial team, updates about upcoming commissions, and if interested, are part of the conversation about future plans. They are invited to opening nights, exclusive pre and post-show events, in-progress studio showings and artist briefings.

RISING works with artists and producers to make original, commissioned productions over several years across multiple festivals. Considering this time frame, joining the Commissioning Circle requires a three-year minimum commitment.

To learn more about our Commissioning Circle, and how you can be involved, please contact our Philanthropy Manager James Ralston.

+61 3 9652 8626