We are living through a disruption
of ordinary existence. 


A seismic shifting in priorities.  


Our responses are not constrained
by definitions of what is essential.  


Our responses will rise from our unique abilities to interpret the worlds we live in.  


They will swell from choosing to engage, to criticise, satirise, bend, heat, cool, re-wire, ornament, withhold, release, destroy or constellate our stories, whatever they relate to.  


They will grow from respecting
our innate human ability to explore,
to congregate, to party. 


Judy Chicago, Purple Poem for Miami, 2019, Fireworks performance; Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami in conjunction with the exhibition Judy Chicago: A Reckoning, 2018-2019 © Judy Chicago/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Video © Donald Woodman/ARS, New York Courtesy of the artist; Salon 94, New York; and Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco